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Bill Pay

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Bill Pay provides an easy way to pay your bills online through your BOFCU banking account.
If you are trying to make a payment to a BOFCU, please click here instead.

First Time Users:

  •   Log in to HomelinK

  •   Click the "Online Services" tab

  •   Select "Bill Pay" in the drop down box

  •   Select your challenge question and you're on your way!

Please remember to read all the disclosures when you log on for the first time as it will explain how far in advance you should allow for your checks/payments to be received, what will happen in the case of an NSF and other points concerning your account.

There are no fees associated with Bill Pay and you can pay your bills anytime, day or night.  Save yourself some money, time and frustration by signing up today.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Bill Pay users must have at least one transaction every 60 days. Accounts without adequate activity will be deactivated.


Our Bill Pay program is delivered through a third party known as IPay; therefore, BOFCU is not responsible for the content of IPay's site.

If you should experience any problems while signing up or while using the product, please contact BOFCU at 856-692-4000 and we will do our best to correct the issue.

Click here to access your HomelinK account.  For more information on Homelink, visit this page.

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