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Bridgeton Onized FCU appreciates and honors its volunteers. Without them, we could not exist. We were established in 1939 and since then valuable volunteers have come and gone. Each volunteer throughout our history has influenced how our credit union operates today. One thing they all have in common is a strong sense of doing what is right and helping people. Wouldn't you like to be a part of that history?  

Volunteering at BOFCU

Can I put a roll off on the street in front of my house?

Yes, in most cities it is allowed. Denver does require a street permit that the hauler must obtain. There is an additional permit fee that will be determined upon ordering.

My driveway is sloped, or steep, can I still have a roll off placed on it?

Yes, as long as it is even across the slope or steepness of a driveway, it's fine. The roll off will not roll or move once set down.

Can I move the roll off?

No. A Penalty Fee will apply - see 'Restrictions & Terms' The customer cannot move the roll off once we place it. Please think about your needs and the best placement for the roll off before it's delivered. Should the roll off need to be moved, call the office and we'll send a driver to move it for an additional fee.

How high can I fill the roll off?

Level to the sides. Additional fees will apply should you overload the container. DO not put in false sides such as wood pieces or mattresses to make the sides taller.

What if I need the roll off longer than my rental time?

Call the office to arrange 48 hours BEFORE your pick up date. Additional time is subject to availability and will not be arranged on your collection date. Daily rate applies if available.

Do I have to call to get my roll off picked up?

Only if you want it picked up sooner than the normal rental period. Spring/Summer - 7 day rental. Fall/Winter - 10 day rental. Please note your collection date on your receipt

I ordered a 10 yd roll off before, but this one looks different. Why?

We had different manufactures that we purchased our roll offs from, and they simply configured them differently. Most of the 10 yards measure: 12'L x 6'W x 4'D. But we do have some that are: 10'L x 7 1/2' W x 4' D. See question "What is a cu yd and how is it figured?"

Where can I take tires and electronics?

Colorado Tire Recyclers 303-853-0789 Call them for pricing and further information. Convenient and reasonable. Sustainability 303-425-9226 Call them for pricing and other information. They have a list of what they take on their website. This is an electronic recycler that employs the intillectual and developmentally disabled. Win-win all the way around - support a worthy service and get rid of those hard to dispose of items.

What about paint or chemicals, can I put those in the roll off?

No. Call for pricing and more information. Rooney Road Recycling at 303-316-6262 x1 They will take paint and most household chemicals and have a listing of acceptible items on their website.

When and how do I pay for my roll off rental?

We take a credit or debit card upon ordering the roll off. We accept all major credit cards. It will get charged out the morning of your scheduled delivery date.

How much does a standard bed-level pickup truck bed hold?

The bed of a full size standard pickup truck will hold about 2 cu yds of material when loaded level to the sides of the bed. This is how we estimate how many trucks full of material a roll off container will hold.

What is is a cu yd and how is it figured?

One (1) cu yd is figured as 3' long, 3' wide and 3' deep. 3x3x3=27 To find the cubic yards in a debris pile, measure then multiply L x W x H This will give you the cubic feet; then divide the total by 27 to get the number of cubic yards. Example: 12' x 6' x 4' = 288 / 27= 10.67 cu yds

Can I put dirt, rock or concrete in the roll off?

NO! We cannot take these heavy materials due to the weight of the materials. Our equipment is not able to handle this type of debris. Call the office for a recommendation of a company that offers this service.

How does the gate end of the roll off open?

The gate on the back end of the container opens from left to right when facing the back end of the roll off container. 1)There is a chain in a holster - loosen the chain free from the holster and pull the pin (if there is one) in the lever, pull the lever to release the gate. 2) Pull firmly on the gate to open. 3) Attatch the end chain link in holster on the side of the container to hold gate in place once it is fully opened. To close the gate, reverse the process. We will check the pin and the chain upon collection.

Want to serve on the Supervisory Committee Or Board of Directors?

Click the link to the left to download the volunteer application.

Please complete and mail it to:

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For all other volunteer positions, (i.e. cash handling, filing, lending, accounting, etc.)

please submit your completed application via email to




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