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Dormant Accounts

Don't allow the State to take your money!  Activate your account by calling, writing or making a deposit or withdrawal into your account at the credit union. 

A fee will be charged on each account that has not had any activity within a 12 month period. 


An account is considered DORMANT IF:

  • It has not been utilized (i.e. no deposits or withdrawals) for a period of one year or more. 
    This excludes accounts with an IRA share, IRA share certificate, or regular share certificate.

  • It's owner has not engaged in any other transactions with the credit union (utilized other credit union services) for a period of one year or more.

An account is NOT considered DORMANT IF:

  • The owner has indicated any interest in the account in writing, verbal communication or by making a deposit or withdrawal.

Make sure you contact or process a transaction with the credit union at least once every year to ensure your account stays active! If you're concerned your account may be dormant, call, click, or stop by to be sure!

Local Office

524 North Pearl Street

Bridgeton, NJ 08302


Phone: 856-692-4000

Routing Number: 231277518

NMLS #: 412490

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