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Debt Protection

Life is unpredictable. You may worry about unexpected, real-life events that could leave you unable to pay your monthly bills.

With our ConsumerSafe Debt Protection, either your loan balance or monthly payments will be cancelled to help relieve financial pressure in the event of death, disability, or involuntary unemployment.


With three separate plans to choose from, you benefit from the peace of mind knowing you and your credit rating are protected from whatever lies ahead.



ConsumerSafe Debt Protection is available for closed-end consumer loans of 120 months or less and open-end consumer credit plans, unsecured lines of credit, and credit cards.


There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that apply to this program. Please contact us for additional details about the ConsumerSafe Debt Protection program.

Definitions of Coverage:

  • Death - Give your family time to get back on their feet financially. The remaining loan balance (up to $75,000) is cancelled upon the death of the covered borrower.

  • Disability - Help avoid bills piling up as you try to regain your health and earning capacity. Use this benefit as a supplement to any disability coverage you may have at work (which usually only covers 60 percent of pay). The monthly payment  (up to $1,000) is cancelled for up to six months with a maximum cancellation of $15,000 over the term of the loan.

  • Involuntary Unemployment - Ensure that one of your major monthly expenses will be taken care of as you search for new employment. After a 90-day waiting period, the monthly payment (up to $1,000) is cancelled for up to three months with a maximum cancellation of $15,000 over the term of the loan.

We've designed our ConsumerSafe Debit Protection program to fit the times we live in today. More than ever, we all worry about things that might happen tomorrow. ConsumerSafe Debt Protection provides an important sense of financial security - knowing your loan will not become a burden in times of hardship.

Please consult one of our representatives to discuss the program in more detail, or click here to get started today!

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