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The Clear Choice

Do hidden fees take you and your finances by surprise? Many times, credit cards come with carefully disguised fees that stack up over time, leaving you to comb through your bills and wonder where all of your money has gone.

At Bridgeton Onized FCU, we know that you deserve better than hidden fees and high rates. That’s why our credit cards don’t have either! Instead, we offer low fixed rates on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Plus, you won’t find a single annual fee! That means that you can consolidate your other high-rate, big bank or store credit cards into one low-rate, easy payment. 

Don’t let those big banks and store credit cards pull the wool over your eyes. Make the clear choice with Bridgeton Onized FCU!

To apply, contact the loan department to learn how and to ensure that you're receiving the best rate!

Not sure if that's the right path for you? You can chat with one of our experienced financial solutions providers.

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524 North Pearl Street

Bridgeton, NJ 08302


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